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Welcome to W8W Tube Bending and Fabricating!

W8W's major products are stainless steel tube bending, welding and polishing. Below are some typical products: 
Exhaust Pipe, SS304, OD 3", 90 degree bent, welded with a straight tube and a flange, polished   Stainless Steel Tube, 1 1/4" OD edge-rolled
SS304 Pipe Nipple, OD 10mm, thickness 0.8mm   Stainless Steel Rail with welded structure for mounting, semi-finished
Uniform welding of a stainless steel tube onto a flange at 65 degree angle, semi-finished product   Grab Handles for sports boat, SS304, bent, welded and polished
Telescopic Ladder, SS304 for sports boat, welded structure, all polished   Hand Rail, bathroom hardware, SS304, bent, welded and polished


Rail used on a sports boat, SS304   Bent tube connection inside a machine, SS304